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These days, the beauty and cosmetics industry is going from strength to strength with target markets growing exponentially day by day. With cameras everywhere and social media updates calling, people are taking beauty and make-up to a completely new world of creation. For all of us that just want to feel good, or make a lasting impression by standing out in a crowd, creating your own unique and individual look has never been more accessible, or more fun! With such widespread growth across the industry there’s always going to be opportunities for great products and business’ to shine, and Amber...

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CEO/Founder of Lashed Forever Amber Niko recognized by Yahoo Finance for Must-Have Lashes of 2021.                  In 2019, Lashed forever released 10 unique lash styles, 5 in 3D mink and 5 in faux mink that can be accessed on the company website to adhere to people of all styles and has since finessed their lashes for both natural and dramatic looks for daytime and nighttime. The more subtle lashes are perfect for beginners and people starting out in expressing themselves through makeup. As the products are long lasting, lightweight and reusable, customers can...

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WOW Stunning natural glam look on actress Ajiona Alexus who is known for her roles in Breaking In, 13 Reasons Why and Tyler Perry's Acrimony. Well known LA makeup artist Ronald Watkins @Hotlikefirre chose Lashed Forever 3D lashes in the style "ENVY" to complete her makeup look before set. Take a look below! The "ENVY" 3D lashes are shorter on the inner corners and longer towards the outer corners to give a more natural look to your eyelashes, "ENVY" also lifts and emboldens your eyes and perfect for day to nighttime makeup looks.  Shop this style and more at

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