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Lashed Forever has just introduced their newest 3D Mink Lash in the style "ZARA". This highly anticipated style brings you everything you need in one, its flirty, its fun, adds just the right amount of volume and fullness. Remember every 3D lash is reusable up to 25 times with proper care and durable. Lashed Forever lashes are extremely high quality and popular amongst beauty bloggers and celebrity makeup artists round the world.              

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Kate Chastain wearing one of our most HOTTEST styles "Caliente" from our Mink Collection for her appearance on Bravo TV Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Makeup by Carolinemakeuptime on Instagram.   "Caliente" has the perfect amount of volume and adds just the right amount of flutter and takes every look to the next best level. This isn't the first time Lashed Forever was seen on Live TV be sure to keep up with all the latest glam looks on social media @Lashed_forever_. 

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