Its a Lashed Forever Take Over!

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Its a Lashed Forever Take Over!

These days, the beauty and cosmetics industry is going from strength to strength with target markets growing exponentially day by day. With cameras everywhere and social media updates calling, people are taking beauty and make-up to a completely new world of creation. For all of us that just want to feel good, or make a lasting impression by standing out in a crowd, creating your own unique and individual look has never been more accessible, or more fun!

With such widespread growth across the industry there’s always going to be opportunities for great products and business’ to shine, and Amber Niko CEO and Founder of Lashed Forever was ready to step up to the plate and become one of the leading authorities on cosmetic eyelashes.

Lashed Forever is the wonderful creation of beauty and make-up artist Amber Niko. Frustrated at going through an abundance of lashes that didn’t tailor to her needs, Amber decided to take action and in 2019 Lashed Forever was born. From her own experience Amber had found that many lash styles didn’t fit her natural eyes, or the lashes didn’t last or give her the desired look, and the ones that did meet her needs were just way too overpriced. There was an opportunity in the middle of the market so Amber grabbed it with both hands.

Amber Niko started Lashed Forever with 10 unique lash styles, 5 3D Mink Lash styles and 5 vegan friendly Faux Mink styles. Each style is handmade to fit all eye shapes and sizes, are light weight and reusable, and range from both natural to dramatic looking styles. And most importantly, they’re both long lasting and affordable. ‘Here at Lashed Forever we are committed to inspire and positively impact one’s beauty, regardless of age, race or gender and we hope that you find your go to lash styles and become part of our growing Lashed Forever family’, says Amber.

Lashed Forever is dedicated to providing a wide range of luxurious cosmetic eyelashes suitable for all lash wearers, and has styles for all make-up occasions, day or night. Amber Niko has gained notoriety with her products in the cosmetics industry collaborating with celebrity make-up artists such as Ronald Watkins, Kendell Dempster and Lead Make-up Artist Caroline Blanchard for the Bravo TV series, ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen. 

As the word started to spread, Lashed Forever lashes have also been seen on VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’ series, Cartel Crew Cast members as well as Bravo TV’s ‘Housewives’. Singer-songwriter Kehlani and actress Ajiona Alexus have also worn Lashed Forever lashes.

Amber Niko is driven by her desire to positively impact her customers beauty outcomes and is committed to delivering extraordinary cosmetic products. ‘We offer high quality, natural looking and dramatic styles, with a durable cotton lash band at half the price of our competitors. Each of our lash styles are unique and will inspire confidence by elevating any glam look, day or night, to everything you have ever dreamed of’, says Amber. 

And, just to double down on value, Lashed Forever lashes are not just for one time wearers, their eyelashes can be reused up to 25 times with proper care. For more information and to view the entire cosmetic eyelash range visit their website here.

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